Featured Gear

Kush Audio UBK

from The House of Kush … the UBK FATSO is a dual channel character compressor with gorgeous tape-like Saturation and Harmonic Distortion of the original Fatso as well as a unique warm limiter and a switchable Transformer for additional harmonics.

Thermionic Culture Phoenix

The Phoenix all-valve compressor is the best bang for your buck! It is a stereo compressor that can also be used in dual mode. Easy recall ability, precise calibration and more gain than the earlier Master Phoenix model. Side-chain filters, subtle control with ‘soft knee’ compression for ease of use with sound manipulation.

Dramastic Audio Obsidian

This stereo compressor works wonders within the mix buss. It is ideal for controlling gain and has an external sidechain that routes to the detection circuit. If you’re a fan of SSL buss compressor you’ll love the Obsidian. Plus it’s not just a mix buss compressor, it does so much more!

Lindell Audio 17x

This is a FET (field effect transistor) style compressor which emulates the classic “1176 sound”. Exclusive new features include “High Pass Sidechain Filter”, “Mix Knob” between wet and dry signals (parallel compression), plus “Signal High and Low Pass Filters” for sound coloration.

LaChapell 992 preamp

This awesome piece provides 2 channels of 3 classic processors in 1 strip. It features a Bill Putnam inspired tube console mic preamp, Passive EQ and a FET Limiter.

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